Probably a poor choice of words. the last few years I've been using a premade wind's not heavy- more thick to withstand the daily folding up and unfolding. About 6years ago i bought them was a twofer deal. (after four years, the second shield is still unused). currently it sits on the ground and is long enough to shield the burner assembly and extend almost to the top of the pot. if I were to cut off about three or four inches from the bottom and use the 3rods to elevate the shield so that it shields from about the "turn" of the fuel canister up to the top of the pot. the ideal imho. this would shield the burner/pot as before but also allow more cooling air to flow over/around the fuel canister. currently I leave the overlap open to allow air for this. with that seam closed I think a fair amount of fuel could be saved. The weight of both setups are probably a wash. this year I didn't get around to making the change...but this sort of thing is perfect for winter indoor activities, and has been added to the list.

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