When I was a kid we called "Hillbilly TP" and I always kind of wanted to try it!

Now that I've been making tea out of it I'd be be hard pressed to waste any on that, but I still kind of wanna try it just to know laugh

I will say this about it, drinking the tea does help my breathing (a lot) and it lasts for a couple days after drinking just one cup. And it does have a "mild narcotic" effect that's really quite nice and it helps me sleep better, so I'm growing pretty fond of having some before bedtime.

Lucky for me, my daughter invited me to go hiking with her last week and we ran across a bunch of it and grabbed a lot and didn't even make a dent in what we saw. So I know a good spot now to go find it easily and really, the stuff grows all over here so it's easy to get anyway. But I am surprised it's not used more commonly because it's good stuff.

"You want to go where?"