You can still find moonshine here that's homemade. It's usually not for sale, technically, but you can find it. Some of what I've tasted is pretty darn good too and now there are a couple small distilleries here that sell it legally. One of my daughters worked at the first one that opened here and we all learned a lot about how it's made then.

One of the things we learned is you can take any old `shine and run through an activated charcoal filter a few times and you have really good `shine. This is not so different than "double" or "triple" distilling, and actually even better. Same with Vodka, which is pretty much `shine made with potatoes instead of corn.

So, if you go to the liquor store and buy cheap vodka and filter it a few times you now have pretty much the same thing as "Patron", and more money in your pocket.

This is where my daughter worked.

"You want to go where?"