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I need to do some research. I didnt eat the oatmeal,peanut butter. I try to keep everything as dry as possible. I use an osprey exos 38 so i do have decent back and hip support. I have been researching making pemmican. I wonder if i can get the cal intake i need with that and also lower my weight

If you didn't eat certain foods at all, you should question how happy of a hike you will have if you are eating only things you don't like. I've read some reports on pemican... none of the people mentioned how much they enjoy eating the stuff. Some people don't care much at all what they eat as long as they get enough calories. I have an old boss that used to say: some people eat to live and others live to eat.

Instead of drastically changing what you bring on trips and since you currently are bringing back extra food. The first step seems to me is to reduce the amount of extra food you bring back. Weigh how much food per day you are bringing back and eliminate it next time.

The other thing to keep in mind, is many people (myself included) take a while to develop an appetite while hiking (particularly at elevation). I don't eat very much the first couple days, so don't need much food for a weekend hike. You could get into trouble extrapolating that to a longer hike.