Yes, it all depends how much you want to assert your liberty. I don't mind doing so, but then again I am pretty well versed in the rules. The only thing that was ever stolen (and yes, I do mean stolen) was when a TSO took a legal knife from me without any opportunity for me to recheck it. That was not only violative of the rules, but it was emblazoned with the Continental logo as it was similar to the hundred that were doled out on any wide-body international flight. That logic was lost on the TSO.

The other issue has been photography, but I have certainly educated many a TSO on their SOP and eventually their supervisor understands the issue.

Right now we are in the lounge waiting for our next flight. Both my multi-tool and swiss army "knife" with no knife sailed through again. When they have questioned it, I note that they are making assumptions about what it is. Once they realize no knife is involved, it gets through without exception. Well over 100 times they have gone through security. If you want more than anecdotes, you can check out the Travel/Security forum at

Lastly, the rollout has begun for all electronics larger than a cell phone to be removed going through the security line, unless you have TSA Pre. We went through LAX during the trial period, but like today we ended up with TSA Pre so weren't subjected to the new rule.