Hey guys,

lookin for an easy "beginner trip" here in north carolina. we are pretty centralized in the state so anywhere is probably ok.

what we are looking for...

1) by beginner i mean a hike where we can hike maybe 2-3 miles to a place to set up camp and stay for a few days. that way if we have catastrophic gear failure we can just pack up and walk back to the car. we are still in the testing phase.

2) actual directions and/or map of said hiking place would be awesome.

in short we keep getting told essentially "oh NC... youre right by the AT you have plenty of places to go" and thats literally the end of the conversation. no actual recommendation of a place to go that fits what we are needing. the honest answer is that at this time we are fat and out of shape and would like to start hiking more to help us have a more active lifestyle. so jumping on a section of the AT for the weekend probably isnt the best for us. oh also we dont have a bunch of friends so through hiking with someone to pick us up at the other side doesnt work particularly well for us either. so literally just a there and back weekend deal would be awesome. something that maybe if you were a boyscout troop leader you would take the younger kids on this one. that level of difficulty.