Hi everyone,
I did a lot of backpacking in my teens and twenties, and now after 40 years am getting back into it. I joined this forum because I would like to know if other people have had the same problem with their Osprey packs that I have. I bought the Osprey because Backpacker magazine named it the pack of the year and I loved the Anti-gravity web mesh. I've taken it on several week long backpacking trips as well as some overnights. It is a very comfortable pack but it squeaks with every step I take! I think it is the Anti-gravity mesh that is squeaking. Since there is no metal, I can WD40 anything. I don't understand why it is squeaking and don't know what to do about it. My previous packs did not squeak. Does anyone else have squeaky packs? Any ideas on how to fix it?
Thank you,