Has anybody had any experience with raingear using these two fabrics (I'm looking for a comparison in performance, not information on technical aspects or selection pointers.)

I've got an OR Foray GoreTex rain suit, and recently switched to an OR Helium Pertex rain suit. I haven't had any serious problems with either one; both have been used in short showers as well as all-day light rains (no all-day downpours - I use glass rain gear, aka "Windows", when that's the forecast.)

Pertex is lighter, and doesn't seem as warm as the GoreTex to me (an advantage in summer, we'll see if it's a disadvantage in winter.) There doesn't seem to be as much condensation/perspiration buildup in the Pertex - whether it's because the fabric breathes better, or it's not as thick (thus not as warm), I don't know. However, the thinner material makes me wonder about it's durability over time, especially at the shoulders and waist, where pack straps and belt will rub on it. It also makes me wonder what grabbing branches, thorns, and such will do to it. Of course, I remember having similar concerns when silnylon began replacing the heavier materials that used to be used in tents and packs; those concerns turned out to be groundless.

Has anyone else made this conversion or have any experiences with Pertex products?

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