I'm a muesli fan! At home, I eat it cold, with yogurt and fruit. For backpacking, I measure it into a sandwich bag, mix in some dried milk and freeze-dried berries. For breakfast, I add a bit of cold water, mix thoroughly to reconstitute the milk, and dig in. In huckleberry season, I of course use freshly picked berries instead.

I've always used Bob's Red Mill Muesli (although distributed nationwide, it's a local product here). However, they have made recent changes. Their regular muesli is now mostly wheat flakes, with very little oats. I personally prefer more oats than wheat. They have added a gluten-free muesli that is primarily oats. It's just as good as (and almost the same as) the old muesli formula, but, being "gluten free," is more expensive. I can't see the reason for the higher price, because except for oats and wheat, the two formulas are almost identical. I may end up mixing the two.

I don't want to knock gluten-free, despite what I consider price gouging. My youngest son doesn't have celiac disease, but he is very allergic to wheat. The gluten-free fad has been his salvation!
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