I don't eat commercial freeze-dried meals because of all the crud that's in there (the labels read like a chemistry set!). I cannot digest commercial freeze dried meals even when fresh! I have, however, used some bulk freeze-dried ingredients (meat, veggies) in the meals I have made up.

I have kept both these bulk ingredients and home-dehydrated food for a couple of years by storing the individual meal packages (in freezer bags) in the freezer, double-bagged (i.e. the individual meal packages stuffed into a gallon freezer bag. I haven't gotten sick, but I have noticed a loss of flavor in the ones kept two years! I therefore don't keep them more than a year. I also would be very dubious about repackaged food kept at room temperature. I'd suggest a lot of googling about storage of repackaged freeze-dried foods before even testing. Of course I suspect that there are enough preservatives in the meals to prevent serious contamination.

Testing meals at home is always a good idea! I've mentioned in the past my adventure with home-dehydrated peas (still like shotgun pellets after the rest of the meal had cooked to a mush)!
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