So I've upgraded a lot of my gear. I didn't feel too bad hiking 10 miles today with my gear but it was starting to get difficult after that. Where I'm at right now the weather is bad, so I can't actually set up camp easily/comfortably at all yet which is disappointing because I can't wait.

Somehow I feel like I'm still doing something wrong with my gear setup. I don't know if it's just me being super picky, or if my gear setup is pretty typical of what experienced backpackers on here would do? I'm also open to any advice or improvements as I'm still highly confused! I definitely humbly want and need help as I'm still new to backpacking in general, but I love the outdoors. So here's my gear setup:

In any case, I have 2 backpacks to choose from from multi-day backpacking the Gregory Baltoro 75 and an Osprey Ether 85 liter pack that I just bought on sale. I'm using the Gregory pack for now but both seem to be awesome packs.

Ok, so I don't know if I'm being extreme or not, but even with these huge packs I have issues with space in the packs which seems ridiculous, though they do have "enough" space barely. I use ultralight stuff sacks for food and everything else too. So here's the list of essentially of what I'm packing:


-Ultralight REI Igneo 25 down sleeping bag. I also use a Sea To Summit expensive, but highly functional ultralight waterproof compression stuff sack which saves space and keeps this dry.
-In case It gets colder which is frequently does at night A Sea To Summit Light Sleeping Bag Liner reactor fleece. I admit this does add weight, but it can be used by itself if it's very hot, or greatly increase heat in the bag if it gets really cold which is can here.
-For A Pad For Comfort Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Mattress. There things are just awesome for heat and comfort, I don't know what else to say.


-I was thinking of using the new Ultralight 2 pound Nemo Tent, but I don't like that tent so for a slight pound+ more I got discounted the time tested MSR Nook 2 Tent with a rain fly. I also use a cheap but light tarp for a footprint that Weighs about 1/3rd of a pound. (I know that's optional).


-Snow Peak Ultralight Trek 1400 Titanium Cookset which is just a tiny pan and pot (all I need) and you can fit one Propane tank inside.
-For A Stove The MSR Pocket Rock 2 (Very Light and I Love this Thing).

Other Clothing:

-I have a light rain jacket from North Face and a cheaper but functional pair of rain pants from Columbia. They don't compact amazingly well but they're not that heavy or too bad and very functional.
-Under Armor 2 Pants and Shirt. These add a bit of weight and bulk, but I feel they are highly helpful for when it gets really cold at night (which it can in Montana again) for the extra pound for both of them.


-About 1.5 ponds of medical kit gear. Quick Clot stuff, Pills in little rip packages Antihistamine, Pain Killers, Stomach relief, ointment for burns, alcohol wipes, band aids etc.


-UCO Stormproof matche kit.
-Bic Lighter (2 of them).
-Zombie Tinder which are like candles in yarn.
-Ultralight Exotac PolyStriker Firestarter that weighs 0.5 ounces.

Other Stuff:

-Can Of Bear Spray (on waist belt).
-Morakniv lightweight knife (on waist belt).

All of this gear including the Baltoro pack is about 24-25 pounds (not including food and water). Would that be acceptable to you?


-I'm also using a 100 ounce Platypus (that I'm thinking of not using as that's a lot of water at once). However, it's nice when there's not water around.
-I'm using the MSR Sawyer Mini as a filter when needed which is very small and ultralight.


All dried products. Things Like Top Ramen, peanut butter, trail mix with lots of nuts, instant potatoes, a couple mountain house meals etc. I like to keep a bare minimum of 125 calories per ounce and I can have a pound to a pound of a half of food per day to get by comfortably it seems.

With a total weight of about 33-37 pounds (under 40 in total including food and water) I have a pack with all I need to be comfortable in the Wilderness areas here for even up to a week 7 nights. Is this acceptable? I'm still highly confused and concerned if I've "overspent" on stupid, unneeded items from REI that might just be wasteful? I've spent a lot upgrading ultralight items from REI etc. from conventional to ultralight gear like the cookset, tent, sleeping bag, etc.

Thankfully things can be returned since I've upgraded a lot of this for this coming summer. This is all very confusing at first and I don't know what if anything at this point that I'm doing wrong?