My pack space for my Thursday trip is at a severe premium, so if I can leave behind my filter kit, that would really help. Chlorine dioxide (Aquamira) is effective against cysts, but it is relatively expensive, plus it's not available in stores in my town. If I were to pick some up "on the way" it would add about an hour to my trip. If I order online, I have to pay shipping, and it might not get here on time. The local WM does have an iodine based treatment (yuck), but I was thinking maybe bleach would fit the bill. I've read the US recommendations for sanitizing drinking water with bleach, and I'm comfortable with it. I also have a couple of in-bottle charcoal filters to help with the taste. However, bleach is not effective against giardia and cryptosporidium. Does anyone know if these are an issue in the Caney Creek Wilderness?