Hello All,

I'm a fellow avid backpacker, new to this forum, and I've love to ask you guys for some input about travel towels.

The issue that I've had with traveling light is finding a good towel: most of the ones smell over time, don't adequately absorb moisture, and collect lint. After researching, I've found that 100% flax linen towels solve all of these problems, but they are pretty expensive. I'd love to ask you a few questions to better understand if you face the same issues and if it's worth it for me to build an alternative towel that solves these problems:

1) What are the top THREE things you look for in a towel? Examples: Weight, compactness, water absorbability, softness on skin, drying time, lint free
2) What are the top THREE colors that you would prefer? Would you be okay with a natural flax linen color of light brown
3) If you had the best damn towel possible, how much would you be willing to pay a) for a hand towel b) for a full bath towel?
4) Is it important that ties be sewn into the towel so that it can be bound and tied together on the go, or would you prefer to have an external bag to put the towel in?
5) Any other issues that you have with your towel or would love to see in a towel that I have not mentioned?

Thanks for your input. It'll go a long way in helping me create something better.


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