I'm planning and dreaming about this summer's hike....when it dawned on me that I never made a report on my org. post....... My late July solo hike was wonderful! ( I never mentioned it but the hike was north from white pass to snoqualmie pass) I made it a point to visit the local usf ranger station to nail down just where I could stash it.The day before starting I planted my 5gallon bucket with an screw on lid (approx 8-9 $us at h.d. where the orange bucket was also bought) out of sight from any normal hiking traffic. With all previously mentioned precautions ...I found it, exchanged needed supplies and dropped off trash. And was on my way in under 30 minutes- the container was retrieved a day after the hike. I was delighted the way this worked out and l'm planning on it again for this summer, where this tactic WILL be needed, on the 150mile section south from whitepass to the Columbia river. A big thanks to all!

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