Hello!!-New member to the forum and 1st time poster here.

This looks like an old thread but I thought I'd reply to the last post about the Little Bob road.
Not sure what the current status is but daisy is correct-no guide required. I've driven it a couple times with the first time being in 2004. It is indeed a 4WD road with some fairly gnarly sections. Only vehicles at the TH at that time were 4-wheelers. The last time I drove it, in 2009, it was in far worse shape than before, and hard to follow in places. No other vehicles were at the TH when we were there. Seems that the main attraction, Little Bob Lake, winter killed or ? sometime prior to 2009 and consequently, road use by locals dramatically decreased.
I believe I checked with tribal authorities beforehand regarding the permit and was led to believe that I only needed a permit for the day in and the day out, which is what we did.

The trail starts out as such from the TH to Little Bob, at least the last time I was on it, then it disappears until you cross the res bound. Then it disappears again and is very hard to find. Probably because, like the road, nobody's using it. Much downed timber in the lower reaches where the trail used to go.

If anyone has more up to date info on the road/trail I'd love to hear it!