I have used chocolate covered coffee beans when I need to stay awake (like during long shifts working on an ambulance) or in tedious but necessary lectures.
They taste great and used to be available in multiple flavors, including latte!
I noted recently that you can now get, in Aldi's a gorp/trail food noted as something like "breakfast mix." It contains along with the nuts, fruit, etc, chocolate covered beans. You get calories and a caffeine rush.
I once saw boxes of the chocolate beans sold in a dollar store. The sales pitch on the box was basically that is was a legal form of speed, Which is pretty much what coffee itself is.
How about using a pint or smaller Nalgene bottle adding instant coffee and shaking to mix? Just a thought.
The last version of The Complete Walker has a variety of cunning ways to brew with filters. I have used a single cup Melitta cone designed for funnel shaped filters. I decided it was not worth the hassle. It was also bulky to pack, although light.
I am told that MSR (I think) sells or used to an ultra light version. I just found in the local dollar store a device designed for a single cup, but with a permanent gold plated filter. I tossed the cup it came with but have not yet tried it.

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