I have three main packs, A huge Lowe Alpine which is too big for much at 90 liters. I got it very cheaply new on eBay. I think the model was getting fazed out A Kelty IF (model unknown) around 50 liters, with the best suspension system I have ever seen. Got it cheaply on eBay when the model was discontinued. I also have a high end German pack (brand unknown, I have never seen another) around 60 liters. Got it for $3.50 at Goodwill. It has a great suspension system about as good as the Kelty. None have external pockets which I like. I mostly use the German pack for fitness; I fill it with water bottles and do walks around town to get fit.
The huge Lowe would get used more if it had a better way of compressing the bag for smaller loads, but I suppose Lowe figured at 90 liters you would want to fill it. Maybe I can add some more compression straps; I have altered the originals to make it easier to draw them tightly.

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