My son is 16 months old and I've taken him on one backpacking trip in central Florida (plus car camping trips). It was a quick 4 mile overnight round trip and I think it was a success. I'm currently in Vegas right now with my SO and had been planning to go to Zion National Park for a few months now. I got ready to leave today and suddenly my SO had reservations about me going, so I canceled the trip. My plan was to drive up to a lesser used part of the park and hike maybe a mile or two from the car and camp for two nights.

He thinks that it's highly unusual to take a baby out into the wilderness where I may not have cell reception and if I get hurt (break a leg, hit my head, etc) then it could have disastrous consequences for our son. He recently went hiking with us and has also come to the realization that hiking in and of itself is often too dangerous for me to be doing alone with our son. He says flat ground is ok, but anything much more than that is too much.

His main concern is me going alone. He says he would be ok with most of the trips I want to do as long as another adult is with me. I understand this concern, but I spend a lot of time alone and don't usually have someone to go with me. Of course I could just not go unless I have a partner, but that really cuts down on my options. Plus, I really enjoy it being just me and my son.

That's the brief version of our argument. I'll include more if I need to. I'm just looking for other opinions as I'm quite upset at the moment. Am I crazy for taking a baby out into the wilderness alone? In my mind, I have tailored these trips to my son by a huge amount, considering the types of trips I would be doing if it weren't for him. In my SO's mind, I'm pushing the envelope really far and doing something that's not worth the risk.