OK. I have a Garmin Etrex Vista H which I have used very little. I have searched the manuals and tried to find videos etc but have not found the answer I have been looking for. I have been on a particular trail through the Michigan UP backcountry several times and it is very poorly marked and hard to navigate. On a trip back in 2009 I marked a bunch of waypoints thinking when/if I returned I could find my way quickly if I lost the trail. Now I am returning and have these waypoints so if I start at one end and say go to nearest point will it automatically go to the next nearest point or do I have to keep advancing it to the next point?

Also if I do the above either manually advancing points or letting the GPS advance it can I simultaneously record a track or route?

I think that when I recorded this back in 2009 I generated a track because I produced a map using my NG Michigan TOPO but the GPS track is long since gone.

The plan is to use the map until I get off track and then find the trail again using the GPS. Navigating in the Michigan UP is not a straight forward exercise due to clearcuts, unmarked two tracks, swamps etc. Getting a bearing on the next know point and going to it is frequently not possible due to these problems.


PS: I also am finding that I really hate auto correct. I look back and the word that I thought I had typed has been changed.