So after thinking more about my relatively heavy no so breathable rain jacket, I had been thinking about replacing it with a poncho. I was going to order some polycro anyway to replace some tyvek groundsheets I have had for a while, and was wondering if polycro would be durable enough to make a poncho out of? Anyone have experience with the durability of polycro for something like clothing? It seems if it is durable enough for a groundcloth it should work (if not bushwhacking). How would it compare to the durability of something like the dri ducks/O2 rainwear material?

I was thinking of just cutting a rectangular piece, slight drape in the back to cover my backpack, and putting some stick on velcro on the sides so that I could batten down the hatches if it gets really windy. Any thoughts? I also was wondering if anyone had advice on how to add a hood, I was thinking of just cutting a weird arc of fabric and taping it on with double sided tape, but not sure if this would be adequate or if the seam would leak too much...

I'm hoping this would be something to use mostly in emergencies, when the rain is too bad/cold/windy to just hike through the weather. Looking at weights people have quoted for policer I am thinking it would be less than 4oz in the end.

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