Okay, I've given up on finding a tent -- perhaps you can help me out here?

Using the forum rules/suggestions on requirements, here's my info:

I'm a trail hiker looking to take the wife along on a trip now and then for a weekend.

We need a tent for both of us and our gear (lady things). Which rules out a two-person tent, putting us in the 3-4 person tent category.

I don't keep packs in vestibules (snakes/scorpions/ants/coons/ chipmunks/meth-heads/etc).

I'm not a weight fanatic, and willing to sacrifice 4-7lbs.

This would be used on sand, pine-needles, solid granite.

Three-season only, Sierra Nevada 2000 to 8000 feet. 32F and up.


I'd like something durable and willing to accept the weight penalty if it means it'll last many seasons. This will double as our car camper.

I like double walls, I like the inner wall to be solid nylon h alf way up, no mesh near the ground (no drafts, no rain splash). Freestanding is important (for when she changes her mind on the location).

I'm 6'2", and she's 5'10". My current solo 88" tent isn't long enough in that my bag's foot gets wet if there's condensation, or I'm slapped in the head by nylon if there's a wind.

Privacy is required. I'll make a tyvek footprint.

No hammocks, no see-through, no bugs.

Fly zipper should be a diagonal (from stake to peak), and not require me to lay in the mud to reach the zipper.

Rain fly should extend close to the ground for the entire perimeter, and a high-want would be a way to roll it up "half way" for rain protection, yet be able to look out the mesh in the summer.

This is my current list, none of which meet all of my requirements (in order of best to worst):

The North Face Talus 4 $299 list
pro: FOUR person, 50x80x90", diagonal zipper, footprint, loft
con: low walls on ends, 7lbs 3oz

Marmot Limelight Tent - 3p >=2016 $289 shipped, amazon (tax?)
pro: square walls, good headroom 48x68x90" long
con: flyzipper on ground, orange fly, 6lbs 10ounces

MSR Mutha Hubba Tent 3p < 2015 $374 shipped, REI outlet (tax?)
pro: diagonal fly zipper, 5lbs
con: expensive, short length (68x87)

Big Agnes Copper Spur UL3 $429
pro: 4lbs, 44x70x90" long
con: durability, flyzipper on ground, expensive

Big Agnes Lone Spring 3 $215 discontinued (amazon)
pro: big headspace 73"x93", 5lb 5oz
con: flyzipper on ground, one door

Kelty Grand Mesa 3 $167 discontinued
pro: flyzipper diagonal, 74x88"
con: two-pole design, 6lbs 6oz, one door, one vestibule

MSR Elixer THREE-Person $299
pro: flyzipper diagonal, less mesh, vertical walls
con: expensive, short 68"x84", heavy 6.8lbs, not-tall(41"), slanted corners

MSR Elixer FOUR-Person $399
pro: flyzipper diagonal, 88"x88", less mesh, FOUR person
con: expensive, heavy 7.8lbs

Big Agnes Jack Rabbit 3 $??? discontinued
pro: flyzipper diagonal, 5lbs
con: LOW WALL on one end, 70x88 headroom,

Please be gentle... I'd like to spend the money, but not on something that doesn't meet all my requirements.


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