Hello, I am new to the forum and look forward to learning all kinds of new D.I.Y info and projects. I have done a lot of research in to ultralight backpacking and I am drawn to the sport. I am wanting o set up a ultra light kit, and so far I just have a Walmart Outdoor gear Arrowhead 8.0 which is weighing in a little over a pound. I like the pack since it can take a water bladder, but there are a few things I don't like about the pack, but I know that everyone has to start out somewhere.

I really want to make my own pack, but not really sure where to go. That is why I joined the forum. I have been searching the Walmart fabric isle and found some polypropylene material that is really light weight and seems pretty tuff, for around 5 dollars a yard. But I am not sure if it is water resistant/proof. Or if you can even sew it and have it hold together. I just want to make a simple bucket style pack with some netting on the outside to hold some gear Nothing fancy. I just want it to weigh less than a pound. I have also thought about scaviging some old tents if I can get my hands on one to use some of the material as well. So, my main question I guess is what material can I get, that is readily available, easy to sew, low cost and something I can find locally, and if polypropylene is water resistant. Wish me luck. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.