Bluefish, yes it will go on the inside. That's too bad about the delaminating. Unfortunately it's not marine grade (that stuff is expensive!). I'm starting to think I should have gone with a metal or composite frame, but I don't want to spend any more money at this point. If it's just going to break down anyway, I might as well just throw it in there untreated. It should be fairly protected in the bag anyway and hopefully last long enough to evaluate the design. Thanks for the professional input.

Oh, and regarding the laser cutting, I was rather pleased with it myself. It's too bad it'll be hidden away. I think if I were to do it again, I'd make the walls between the hexagonal cells thinner and maybe the strips at the top and bottom less wide as well. It could stand to go on a diet. If that made it too flexible, I'd put a couple of reinforcing strips on it like an I-beam. This took about 1.5 - 2 hours to cut though, so I'm not going to bother my friend with it. I'll just deal with the extra few ounces.

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