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... with trail runners I used to get bruises on the bottoms of my feet...I think this is a case where it is really true that YMMV!

I'm not trying to disagree with your experience, but one thing to keep in mind, different trail runners have different levels of foot pad protection. I have two pairs: 1) New Balance MT610v3 and 2) Salomon XA Pro 3D. The New Balances are much lighter but do not afford nearly as much foot pad protection. People say if you want that stiffer sole (for rocky ground) look to a shoe with a "Rock Plate", however I have yet to find a shoe that advertises with that term. In the end advertising departments don't like to give objective criteria to compare different brands.

I will also agree with the comments above regarding turned ankles. I used to turn ankles all the time with high top shoes. I have not turned an ankle since I have switched exclusively to low top shoes.