I DON'T mean to be snarky or dismissive with this first comment, just --- FYI --- this topic has been discussed a whole lot, likely on this and certainly on other backpacking forums. So I would encourage you to search archives for the discussion thread as I don't believe a lot has changed recently.

Long distance hikers tend towards hiking shoes rather than boots, and I'm certainly in that camp. I would encourage you to read "both sides" and decide for yourself what makes sense.

Perhaps the most important issue is that you might be less happy or successful with trail runners (hiking shoes) if you carry a relatively large load (pack or body weight or both). But there are a lot of factors. Boot advocates want support, protection, and durability.
Shoe advocates accept that they'll be replacing footwear more often, and don't feel the need for so much support or protection. Shoe advocates love not only the light weight of shoes, but also the breathability. I feel like I get a whole lot less blisters because my breathable shoes aren't a sauna-like microclimate.

But seriously, listen to both/all sides on this and make your own decision. What's perfect for me might not be right for you and your hiking style or other situational stuff.
Brian Lewis