After doing some more research (I'm no doctor) and field testing my old system, I've discovered a few things.
One: I went overboard on the protein.
Two: I didn't include enough fat or carbs.
Three: The system could be lighter.
Four: The system is too expensive.

I've revised the system and come up with the following daily food list:
-100g of quick oats + 1 cup (after hydration) goat milk, 1 small baggie of organic fruit snacks. Add water and eat directly out of the bag.
-180g of dried apricots
-85g turkey jerky
-28g beef jerky
-56g lentil chips
-100g pouch of sardines (I found some online by Chicken of the Sea)
Total weight: 622.6g or 21.96oz

Maybe one day, I'll find a way to leave the spoon at home, too!

Hope this helps. Cheers!
"Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind." - Johannes Brahms