Obedience classes--the more, the better. It takes one class to train you, another to train the dog!

Check out local obedience schools carefully. Make sure the training is reward-based. Most will have something on the order of a "puppy pre-school" class to start socializing your pup. Make a reservation for the next class for which the pup is old enough (usually after the last puppy shot).

Chose a veterinarian now, before you bring the pup home (you should take the pup in right away). Ask the vet at what age it's OK to take the pup on hikes and use a pack. That depends on the size and breed. For Labs and goldens, it's 1 year for long hikes and 2 years for starting a pack. Otherwise you risk damaging the dog's joints.

Of course we want to see pics of the new puppy so we can oh and ah!

BTW, the closest to a non-shedding dog would be a poodle. My own experience with a short-haired dog (beagle) was that he shed constantly. The hair was short, but it was in three colors, so no matter what I was wearing, it showed dog hair by the time I got out the door in the morning.
May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view--E. Abbey