Who really gets hurt are the visitors to the park. Who benefits are the taxpayers.

That's true, but for the most part they are one and the same, and I don't really feel too sorry for them because they choose to go there.

Years ago I made the drive to Yellowstone. I had no reservations and wasn't familiar enough with the park to realize there'd be no place for me to camp. The prices for rooms there, however, were so far above my budget that I could've never afforded a room there anyway and it was very clear to me that that lodge was built for the upper classes and not for me. They didn't even have a rough campsite for me there anywhere on that gazillion acres of public land.

So, I don't mind a 20% on revenues in places like that on public land. I don't think we need private corporations running those places though. I think it's fairly well proven they don't really do a great job of it. Not that one couldn't, but that they don't.

On the other hand, I don't think the government would do any better, so I really don't have a solution. The only real solution is for people who do work and manage these places to do a better job of it, and the fact that they don't is indicative of the real problem.

"You want to go where?"