I'm not a big beer drinker, so this one is not for me. Still, I'm interested in knowing about how the set up compares to carrying a few beers. You would need the concentrate, safe water, preferably cold, the CO2 cartridge, and the charging unit. It sounds like a lot to carry. I can see its value for long-term camp or cabin. This product might cut a lot of weight and storage space. If cost-effective, some place like the Phantom Ranch on the Bright Angel Trail in the bottom of the Grand Canyon could put this set up to great use. They have to carry in beer on mule-back to sell to visitors. It may even make soda possible there. When we visited, it was iced tea or beer. With temps as high as 120 F some afternoons, even someone who rarely consumes beer thought a cold one tasted great. REI showed one of the soda flavors on clearance last night, so you might find at least the accessories at REI.