I recently bought a pair of Asolo Hiking boots and after wearing them for a week I find they start behaving weird a little.

Make: Asolo
Model: 535 V

The picture above was taken with the back of my feet rised from the floor, just like when your foot is pushing forward. If you look at the boot to the right, you'll notice the leather bend quite high (above the last set of laces, not sure how to name that). As a result, it presses against the top of my foot each time I push forward with that boot.

The other boot (to the left) does not behave like that and only the tip of the boot bend as I push forward.

I never had this problem with hiking boots before and I am now wondering if this is a problem or simply something time will solve. Right now there is no enjoyment wearing those boots cause the pressure it makes on my foot is a little painful. Of course, it wasn't doing this when I first bought them

Any thoughts?