Ohhhh...I like the coffee bean idea! grin Chocolate covered coffee beans will now be part of my mix.

All fuels have their up/down sides. Camp gas/multi-fuel is what I like around the car, or for snow/cold hiking...lots of BTU's but, can get you killed if aren't paying attention, it's gasoline. Butane/propane runs out and is heavy, not always available. Alcohol is heavy, doesn't light well when cold or high altitude, burns clean. Sticks guarantee you and your stuff will smell like smoke and you technically won't have a "stove" by the strict definition in places that require such, soots up your pans. Esbit is light, does the job, can have an odor. Trioxane, fast to light, light weight, toxic, old military surplus sometimes unreliable.
I tend to gravitate toward light weight...or no weight (no stove).
paul, texas KD5IVP