I do find that Esbit and the like can be a little smelly. AS it has been said, "Bears are very curious animals." They may go after toothpaste, deodorant, food, sunscreen, anything. Hang or bear can your solid fuel as you would your food and toothpaste. Also, using a repurposed snack bag, as from chips, can trap some of the odor, as might a small can with a tight lid.

As to stoveless-good for some people and some trips. Even on the hottest days, I seem to be soothed by one hot meal. During the summer, I might eat cold except for one main meal and get by on half an Esbit per day. Coffee can be "consumed" cold, in shakes, or as beans in a breakfast trail mix. Chocolate covered beans taste especially good to me with craisins, a tip I may have read on this forum. Cheaper is just mixing coffee beans with nuts, chocolate chips (M&Ms in hot weather)and craisins, etc.