Hot food is such a comfort issue for me that I would not think of going without cooking, except for very short trips. Many times I have ended the hiking day super-chilled and hot food really warmed me. I have even stopped on the trail to cook soup to warm up. Hot coffee in the morning and hot cocoa or tea at night is non-negotiable for me! Plus, what to do with all the fish I catch if I cannot cook?

I spent many years cooking on fires only. As Bill said, his location is suitable for this, as are many others. In our drier conditions and the fire danger here in the Sierra, campfires are currently banned. Plus much of my trips are above timber. Stoves are also simply very convenient.

I also maintain that a "cook" ration is less bulky than a non-cook ration- a consideration when you are trying to cram 10 days food in a bear can.

I would rather shave weight off other ways than eliminating my stove and fuel.