Last month I adopted a new dog, named Tussah. She was listed as a "shepherd mix" but I've concluded that this basically means "we think one of her ancestors could have been a herding breed?"


In any case, she loves being outside and I've already had her on a few local trails. This summer we'll be sticking close to home, but I'm hoping we can get some good practice in and next summer maybe do a bigger trip. She's got some work to do on recall and leash manners, but give us a little time.

She's 45 lbs and estimated at 3 years old. She is very tolerant of things on her back (ie, blankets, towels, and sweatshirts) so I'm planning on ordering a pack for her. She can wear it empty on her regular daily walks for a while, then I'll start adding weight depending on how she does with it.
I'm looking at the Ruffwear Approach pack. It seems to get very solid positive reviews.

Does anyone have thoughts on this pack, or a recommendation of a different pack I should consider?