So I came across this thread and I had to rage out at the stupidity of some of the people posting here.

I've thru hiked the AT & the long trail & live in Alaska. I've crossed more rivers and streams than I can estimate.

People who wear their hiking shoes into streams have no clue what they are doing. TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES! TAKE OFF YOUR SOCKS! PUT ON CROCS

There is a reason you so tons of hikers with crocs on their packs. They are lightweight, provide protection for your foot, and give you an alternate camp shoe at the end of day, so you can get out of your boots/hikers and dry your sweaty smelly feet out.

When I see, or hear someone cross a stream with their typical hikers on I want to scream WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! Why would you ever want to soak your boots? The water will wick down through the non-waterproof lining and you will be sopping wet. Unless we are talking about a creek with 3 inches of water in it TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES AND WEAR CROCS

People who say they prefer the stability yadda yadda yadda are so dumb it hurts.

UNCLIP your backpack, even sling it over one shoulder if you're worried. Tie your hiking boots firmly to your pack. Put on your crocks, lead with you TREKKING POLES! PLANT THEM FIRMLY, THEN INCH FORWARD. If the water is deep enough to soak your junk, you should probably find a different route if it's pushing at all on you.

I just cringed at the first page of replies, and I'm sure there are some sensible posts on this thread over the last 4 years but good lord I just had to rage as my first, and only post.

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