I thought my past adventures of 3 - 6 months on the road were something. But, 5 years! Then again, maybe what they have done has been in smaller doses? Either way, I want to make that final push to being able to simply spend 5 years exploring the states and the rest of the world I've never seen!

As for the rest of this year, can't say I have it ALL mapped out, but there will be plenty of single days of play and multiple day adventures by hike, bike and kayak! I'm sure I'll crush them both, but I did set some pretty tame goals of 1,000 miles hiking and 1,500 miles biking for 2015. Did 1,000+ and 3,000+ last year, but didn't start hiking until April and had to curtail everything thru late Summer/early Fall do to work requirements.

Though I would never get officially scored as finishing the race due to cutoff times, I would at some time like to spend a Summer and do the Continental Divide Tour race/Tour Divide race (CDT) from Banff, Alberta, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. The winners are doing this 2700+ mile unsupported MTB race in under 2 week! I think cutoff time is 150% of winners time.