I'm not overly obsessiveness about things, but.....
My pack is very well organised. At least when I start a trip. However, as days go by things just seem to get thrown in the pack. I do keep snacks and rain gear in reach and my sleep bag is on the bottom but i often have to dump too much out to get what I need. Is there some secret formula for staying organized? I have thought if I used special colored stuff sacks that might help, but I never got around to it and then again a plastic bag is lighter in most cases. So my dry warm clothes sit in a lumpy white plastic garbage bag. My pot and stove and cup get shoved in where ever they will fit, same for the Theremorest (c) pad. My firstaid kit fills a fare size freezer zip-loc (c) bag (I'm an EMT and my friends seem to rely on me for extra supplies in that regard, even thought they shouldn't). And that is always in the lid of the pack, so that is where I can find it.
Jim M