Hey everyone,

I'm gearing up for my first year of lightweight backpacking, and am going a little bit stove-crazy... I've bought a Westwind Trangia setup, the little folding box Esbit stove, and now this $10 cartridge stove. I know, you get what you pay for, but the reviews on this stove are pretty amazing...


This is the $13.99 model, but I went for the $9.99 model shown below, which is probably identical, but has less reviews:


Should receive it tomorrow. Seems like I can't go wrong, especially with those reviews. Anyone here have experience with one of these stoves?

Of course, I'm going to bring both of my other stoves out there with me as well, if only to decide what I want to live with. I boiled 16 ounces of ~50-degree tap water with an Esbit tablet in 7 minutes flat, which is perfectly reasonable to me (I don't go backpacking so I can hurry), but I understand they're sensitive to wind. I've yet to try my Trangia... need to pick up some fuel for it (was going to use Heet... any advice here would be appreciated).