My son is 6 years old and loves, I mean LOVES the outdoors. I have to admit that I hoped, prayed and cheated my way into making that happen (I bribed him a lot when he was really young!). We go fishing, hiking, geocaching and have already done 2 separate "car-camping" weekends which he also loved.

I got into backpacking again about 8 years ago and I now own all the necessary equipment and creature comforts to enjoy a few nights in the backcountry. So far, my trips have been with a core group of friends/family - all adults.

I am anxious to take my son on his first backpacking overnight but I was wondering when is a good age to try. If my wife had her way, he'd be 25 and in grad school...don't ask! So I am curious to hear some recommendations on a good age and perhaps hear some stories about your first experience with your child(ren). Tips and suggestions welcome!
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