Hello! I just joined these forums in need of information and advice from more experienced hikers&campers, Im 22 and I'm a pretty big guy( 6ft, 275lbs) at that but I pull my own weight where I go but I'm looking to take my hiking "to the next level". I've been doing day hikes & climbs for the last 2 summers with friends without much chance of ever camping because the lack of gear, but I want to change that this year!

I really want to get serious about my camping & hiking this year and get in some mileage. Last Aug I was able to take my first trip to the Adirondacks and I LOVED it we hiked at least 20miles and climbed black bear mountain in 3 days with about a 20ish pound pack, we would of done more but it cold and rainy 5 out of the 8 days we were there so we were stuck in my friends cabin. frown

I've started an exercise plan for the next few months to get in better shape so I can keep pace with my friends without killing myself, the winter and holidays has not done my gut any good, haha. blush

I have a decent setup for gear from when I went to ADK but I am lacking mainly a tent, I'm not home anymore but I will update my list when I get home tomorrow and I will gladly take any suggestions on what to get or get rid of.

One of the main reasons I posted this is because I need advice on a tent. right now I've gotten it down to 2 tents (I think)within my price range and with enough room to fit a friend with me in the tent, while being fairly light, compared to my friends tent that weights like 15lbs alone haha.

1: Eureka! Sunriver 2 Person Tent for $119.99
and the Ascend H2.2 2 person Dome Tent for 119.99

I've done a little bit of research but I'm still unclear on the different types of materials used, and which is the better choice.

here is fabric for the eureka:
Wall fabric: 40D polyester no-see-um mesh
Fly fabric: 75D 190T polyester taffeta w/1800 mm coating
Floor fabric: 75D 190T polyester taffeta w/1800 mm coating

and the Ascend h2.2:
70D nylon walls with 600mm PU coating
Rainfly 75D Poly Taffeta with 1500mm PU coating
70D nylon tub-style floor with 3000mm PU coating

my main concern was the floor difference. I figure the eureka doesn't need PU coating on the walls since the fly goes almost to the ground unlike the Ascend where the walls can get hit by rain.

I can do with 1 door or no vestibule or deal with an extra pound, I just would like to get the best bang for my buck so I'd like the one that will potentially last me longer while keeping us dry and warm if we run into bad weather.

Also if there is a different tent all together under 150 that would be better choice then either above, please link me up! just make sure its either equal to or wider then either of the tents above. Those tents will comfortably fit me and a friend with our gear at our feet, but I can't go any smaller on the width then 48", I'm not a fan of spooning with my guy friends. xD

Thank you in advanced for any replies! You guys will probably see me here a bit since there is vasts amount of reading material and who knows, maybe in time I can start giving good advice to others. grin