Hello, i am fairly new to paddling as i have only canoed a few times in washington while stealhead fishing (about experianced enough to not end up swimming and thats it lol), and 1 white water rafting trip on the tieton river in washington.

Some more background on me, I practically grew up on boats, i love fishing and i love backpacking.

The summer of 2016 i am planning a canoeing trip to superior national forest, the boundry water area. This will most likely be a 1 week trip to the area. So naturally i have a few questions.

1. I have access to cheap on Base rentals, 8-12$ a day i think is the ballpark, this is what i plan to use (most likely low quality gear), how many miles a day should i plan to paddle (i and my buddy joining me are quite fit) with still enjoying it.
2. What is a fairly reasonable distance for portaging if i need to do that without making the trip miserable?

Keep in mind i have backpacking gear so things like cooking stoves ect i should not have to worry about or how to pack food for a trip like this either.

I plan to rent the canoes several times next summer, some for day trips and maybe a few overnight trips. But other than that i will rely a lot on advice and research for my trip. Do not worry about insulting my intelligence as in regards to advice for canoeing any help no matter how simple and basic it may seem will be appreciated. Thanks