My food plan

I have about 2000-2300 calories per day between 3 meals and 2 liters of a special athletic drink / marching tea that I drink throughout the day.

Otherwise its hard to get the calories in and not have digestive distress.

Main constituents:
Palmin coconut fat. - Da BOMB 225kcal per 25gr block. Great mouthfeel
Nuts - Cashews - always
Chia seeds - Da BOMB
Sustained Energy - Atheletic fuel for endurance events - Da BOMB
Chaga tea - Da BOMB
Protein drink - for recovery mostly - Ho hum
Oats - Ho hum

Oats with maple syrup, Palmin, chia seeds
Maybe some bacon with roast nuts depending if I can be bothered
Coffee/Chaga with Palmin

Marching tea:
Maple Syrup
Lemon Juice
Chia seeds
Chaga / Coffee leftover from breakfast
Sustained Energy

This gives almost 1000 calories during the day...

Maybe a fruit bar

For taste sensations I have some soup and flour for making bannock, lemon juice, cayenne, etc.
Maybe I will have caught a fish

Soup with more Palmin
Fruit bar for dessert
Protein drink

What do you all think?