I have used a Golite Quest for six years as my "hauler". It weighs 48 oz, will handle up to 45 pounds adequately, rides comfortably and, at least the men's pack I have, will take a BV-500 horizontally on the bottom. I considered one of the Osprey "trampoline" packs but could never figure out how to fit a bear can inside with the rest of my gear due to the curve of the bag. Of course, fit and comfort are the important factor as I am sure you know. I don't think REI carries Golite so you might want to look at one on a trial basis. I think the Quest is great but it may not fit you; worth a look though.

I also have one of the early Jam2 (2008) packs. It is great for light packing but won't handle much over 25 pounds with any comfort. But, I can get a BV-500 horizontally into the bottom of this pack too though it's a tighter fit.
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