I got this idea from some others who did a trip like this, they did not really adhere to 12 items. All that I have invited are experienced bpers from the circle I do some trips with here in CA. I've set the trip for Lassen VNP.
They started by stating there was a 12 item limit and 5lbs. for base weight. It was more for seeing how little they could get by (suffer) with. smile What would you count/not count as part of the 12 items?

So far I have come up with this:
One system can be counted as one item, ie. kitchen/stove, shelter, sleeping.
FAK does not count, stressing safety.
Fisherpersons fishing gear does not count. smile
I hinted that team work would be ok. No tips given. smile
Worn clothes would not count towards the 12.
Camera gear not counted towards the 12.
Is this too easy?