Right on. Keep searching you bound find clearance and good deals. Backcountry.com having decent mark down on random gears.

Feel free to ask any questions. Everyone else already cover what I could suggest. I just wanted make sure you knew about temperatures can strongly vary at elevation. It could be 60 degrees at your house, but on the mountains in backcountry during the same day it could be 40 or less! cool I've slept in late July on a mountain that on the Tennessee and North Carolina border that was 53 degrees at night with very low humidity. Can't imagine what that be like in Idaho since Idaho further up the latitude line and elevation can be higher, depending what part of Idaho you're in. I hope to see pics soon!
It is one of the blessings of wilderness life that it shows us how few things we need in order to be perfectly happy.-- Horace Kephart