Well looks like I better try and get us some warmer gear, lol.
Cause I'm not camping at camp ground here. I've done that a few times a year, every year, for the past 30+ years.
I'm in Idaho I plan on going back country.
I'll just have to spend more on bags than I want and we'll just get cheap(er) packs then.
I can't rent gear as I don't own any credit cards.
I prefer not to camp in temps below 40F, but really as long as it's warmer than 40F during the day, I really don't mind.

I'm really liking the cost of the Quilt Kits. For $125 I can get a double for wife and myself. For $150 I can get a double that they say is warm down to 10F.
Now I just need to find someone that sews, lol.
Otherwise I'll just end up getting us nicer bags so I don't have to worry about my wife and son.
Also, the son going camping Isn't the son that has cancer.
Our Oldest son has cancer, our youngest son likes to camp and our Middle son likes cat videos, lol.
We wouldn't be able to go until after all of our sons' treatments, which at the latest will be the end of July....hopefully. Even if we can't go this year we still want to get the gear, because we're not sure when we'll be able to next time.

Well it seems after looking more, that the Quilt kit isn't Down. I thought it was at first, but after reading more on it finding out it's not.
So I'm considering the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 (or the 21?) now for each of us + a decent sleeping pad, I'm watching a couple Q Core's on ebay.
Hoping the bag + decent pad + Thermals would keep us warm enough if it got down in the 30's.
Also if I got us a 20F or even 0F bag, would that make too warm to use in the summer or say 50-60F temps?

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