We won't have money the following month. Our son has cancer, I had to quit my job to take care of him and we were a low income family before that. We don't own or believe in credit cards, everything we own is paid for. When we get a nice tax refund that's when we buy our big money items, if we don't have a nice refund (like last 3 years) we get nothing and just keep using/living with what we got.
This year we got a decent one, so we would like to get some camping gear, since one of the reasons we left Iowa was to get to the outdoors.

But if we're unable to get good gear this year then it could be another few years till we get a chance...oh well, we'll be here around all this beauty for the rest of our lives to enjoy.
But i'm still going to try to get us something nice/decent that'll work.
And I agree with buying quality gear, it's just we can't always do that.
Thanks again