Well that's the thing we have absolutely no gear to take in and I really have no idea what we'd be eating whenever we are able to go. I'm one of the pickiest eaters out there. There's ALOT of things I won't eat and maybe a Dozen things that I do eat and that I've always eaten. The thing is none of them convert well into camping food.

So I wouldn't be able to take food (into REI). We don't have any other gear to stuff in the bags. Maybe a few pair of clothing but that's it, not even hiking boots/shoes.

I'm still researching affordable gear to get us. So I should wait to buy a pack till we have our gear? Cause honestly we can't spend hours at store trying on packs and packing and repacking them. We are about an hour away from an REI and one of our kids has Cancer, so we can't just leave him for hours and we have nobody here to stay with him. The only time we really go to city is when we take our son for chemo, radiation and Dr's appointments. Otherwise we're only away from our son for maybe an hour when we go grocery shopping.

And we'd like to get the gear now while we have the extra money. We're not great at saving money as we spoil our kids. So we'd like to order this stuff ASAP.

I don't understand how a pack can have a bad fit if it fits your torso and waist. But then again I know nothing about this and that's why I'm here. grin

I know I can't afford us all nice equipment, but I'm trying to make sure I think of everything and get us the essentials. And yes I have looked at the 10 essentials list.

I'm just trying to get good gear that would make our first few camping trips in the mountains comfortable ones. But I'm sure we'll learn along the way.
Thank You for help and advice.

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