Hello all.
We are new to backpacking camping, but not new to camping.
We used to go car camping at State Parks a few times a year when we lived in Iowa (don't even get me started on that place).

But now we live in Beautiful Idaho and have always wanted to REALLY go camping. So we are looking at getting some gear. It would be for my Wife, our 11 yr old, and myself.
We are trying to do it on a budget, but I admit I am looking at nice packs and tent. For some reason I feel I shouldn't skimp on a pack since we'll be carrying it for long distances and a tent since we'll be carrying it long distances and sleeping in it.

Any gear recommendations would be appreciated, but I've been searching online venders and reading reviews, so I have some stuff in mind.

But my problem is finding a nice pack for my wife. I'm looking at the Gregory Balto 65 for myself (used of ebay hopefully), but tried looking for my wife and I noticed the sizing on ALOT of packs are not for thicker chicks. I would like to get a nice one for her with the suspension hip and shoulder straps like the Balto, but she is shorter and thicker and none of the torso length sizes would fit her around the waist.
So would anyone have any idea or recommendations on packs to look at for her.

We don't plan on going ultra light or anything and we have absolutely no gear and are looking to buy all our gear now.
We will probably only do maybe 2-3 nights of camping for now and we don't plan on doing any winter camping anytime soon.

So any ideas on packs to look at for wife and any ideas, tips, or recommendations for some backcountry camping newbies?
Thank you