I'm slowly collecting gear for my 1st time & overnight hiking trip. Plan on hiking solo on the Buffalo National River Trail my 1st time out on 1-2 night hike. Being military I get a discount on certain venders & was wondering if anybody has tried these products or do you have another suggestion for the price:
Klymit Insulated Static V Pad for $53 plus $12 shipping
Klymit PIllow X $19
Currently have a North Facce Lynx sleeping bag only rated to 40 degrees F but can get the Klymit KSB20 sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees F for $120 will it be worth the $ getting a new sleeping bag?
I have an old coleman external frame I have never used but plan on getting a pack that fits & was thinking about the Gregory Deva 70 & I for $210 plus shipping.
I'm not too worried about weight but being a 45 year old female I want to go light without spending a fortune. Who knows I may do it once & never hike again but then again I may love it! For my tent I have a Light Year 1 that I have used a few times on overnight kayak trips but also thinking about getting a 2 person tent so I can put my gear in the tent however the lightyear seems to be very warm on the river with my current sleeping bag & cheap Kelty sleep pad but then it was also summer time. I would like to do this hike in February. Any suggestions? I can also get deals on Big Agnes, Sierra Design, Mountain Smith, Nemo, & MHM.